300 Hour RYT, ABYS L2

Due to Covid-19 ALL 2021 trainings will be available virtually in order to ensure the training can begin and complete within the dates listed below. We will meet in person as often as we are able. 



The mission of the Lundberg Yoga Teacher Training Program is to create excellence in each graduate and prepare them to share yoga in a way that is accessible to all who have a desire to move their bodies, minds and souls through the practice of asana. It is our desire that we not only train our graduates to teach proper alignment in the yoga postures, but that they themselves find greater alignment with who they are and how they want to show up and serve in this world as individuals and teachers.


Students will learn discipline of body and mind through:

  • Understanding the importance of alignment principles in yoga

  • Applying these alignment principles to the practice of yoga and yoga teaching 

  • Creating excellence in themselves, their practice and their teaching techniques

  • Exploring and nurturing their personal alignment in body, mind and spirit.


Each participant will graduate with:

  • An understanding of how to execute, sequence and teach basic, intermediate and more advanced level poses.

  • The ability to break down poses of any level and build them back up based on students' abilities.

  • Alignment principles and how they apply to asana at the 300 hour level

  • Basic anatomy and physiology in relation to yoga

  • More in depth anatomy study with Julie Gudmestad, PT, ERYT 500 in her Anatomy Awareness in Asana workshop

  • How to construct alignment based lesson plans based on apex poses and themes at the 300 hour level

  • Proper adjustments, variations and modifications to accommodate the needs of your students

  • General understanding of yoga in pregnancy

  • Creating successful private yoga offerings 

  • Yoga Philosophy Level 2 with Jaime Mathis, RYT  

  • The ethics of being a teacher and mentor at the 300 hour level (opportunity to mentor a 200 hour level student)

  • The business of yoga as a 500 hour YTT: you will have a thesis project based on finding your niche as a teacher and creating/maintaining a sustainable business

  • Taking yoga into the community (Yoga Service Project)

  • You will meet the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 300 hour certification. 

  • Upon completion of all course work, practice teaching and examination you will also receive your Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ (ABYS) Level 2 certification from the Lundberg Yoga School and Rachel Lundberg, ERYT 500, YACEP which displays the level to which you have completed your extensive yoga teacher training in Alignment Based Yoga. 

Choosing to be a part of this teacher training at the 300 hour level automatically enrolls you in the curriculum for the Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ (ABYS) Level 2 program, it is already built into the program. Everyone will go through this as part of the teacher training and be eligible to receive their ABYS Level 2 in addition to the 300 hour RYT if all requirements are met.

In order to graduate from the 300 Hour Teacher Training and receive your ABYS Level 2 you will be required to do the following in addition to meeting all of the Yoga Alliance requirements which are built into the modules and curriculum:

Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™  ABYS Level 2 (Modules 1-6)

  • An Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ Level 2 means that you have had extensive alignment based yoga teacher training through the Lundberg Yoga School 

  • You have attended all training times (or have made arrangements for make-ups)

  • You have received the basic anatomy training related to yoga asana completed in modules 1-6

  • You have attended Julie Gudmestad’s Anatomy Awareness in Asana week at least one time in the past two years (we anticipate the training will be held the first week of August 2021 in Portland, OR)

  • You have received the sequencing and asana training contained and can display mastery in the assigned work (with assistance all along the way of course).

  • Through observation of movement you can design a yoga sequence specific to a student’s needs based on their current range of motion related to your level of expertise as a medical professional and/or yoga instructor

  • You can display this level of observation and sequence creation in an in-person examination process with Rachel Lundberg and/or staff

  • You will pass a written examination of anatomy and sequencing proficiency depending on a hypothetical student/class with a grade of 80% or better (you will have 3 opportunities to take the exam, first attempt is free, each additional attempt is $50)

  • You will complete one text of your choice from the list of personal development texts and complete a 10 hour project of applying the principles of the text in your work and or personal life as a way to expand into personal alignment to better serve your community.

  • You will submit 20 yoga sequences based on the alignment and asana principles taught in the modules 1-6

  • You will create a Pose Journal consisting of 60 asanas, completion required before graduation

  • You will teach a total of 12 (60 minute) classes during the beginning and end dates of modules 1-6 and write short reflection papers on each class taught.

  • You will attend a total of 45 hours of asana class with an approved instructor(s) during the duration of the 6 module course and turn in signed training logs for each class attended. (Signed by the teacher of the class you attended)

  • You will spend 10 hours as an assistant to an approved teacher or observer in a class and do a short write up on each class that will be turned in. You will write a 2-3 page reflection paper on your overall experience as an observer and/or assistant and what you learned before graduation.

  • A personal home yoga practice to help you to integrate the information obtained during the in-person training modules.

  • A final reflection paper on how the training has impacted you and how you will now take it out into your world as a way to serve yourself and others. Your paper will include your experience of personal growth in relation not only to alignment in asana but also to your own personal alignment (authenticity)/growth.

Requirements for Admittance:

We would like you to be graduated from your 200 hour teacher training program for at least one year. If it has been less than one year we will evaluate whether or not this program is a good fit on a case by case basis. You must be able to attend all 6 of the required modules in Portland, OR and Julie Gudmestad's Anatomy in Asana Week (Usually the first week of August each year) or have attended her workshop within the last two years. 

Meeting Dates and Times

This 300 Hour Alignment Based Yoga Teacher Training will consist two meeting styles. Portion One will consist of a weekly meet up and one shorter weekend meet up per month (January-May). Portion Two will be run in 4 day immersion modules (June-October). All trainings will be run through ZOOM even if we are able to meet in person starting in June.

This training is designed to take you step by step through the process of teaching safe, sustainable, alignment based yoga. You will be immersed in the community of your cohort as you learn anatomy, sequencing, pose modifications and variations as well as philosophy and personal development.


This training will be divided into the following meeting schedule (all virtual) with in person options when/if available, but always with a virtual option.

Portion One Meeting Schedule (this will run in conjunction with the 200 hour students):

Our first meeting will be Friday, January 15 from 6-9pm and Saturday January 16th from 10-6pm

We will meet every Wednesday from 6-9pm January 20th through May 26, 2021 (except Wednesday, March 24th)


We will also meet the following Fridays and Saturdays: all Friday meetings are from 6-9pm and all Saturday meetings are from 10am-6pm. The Friday/Saturday meet times are as follows:

January 15-16

February 12-13

March 12-13

April 9-10

May 28-29



Portion Two (300 Hour Immersion) Meeting Schedule  will run during the following dates and times with a lunch break from 12-2 each day:

Immersion 1: 

  • June 4-7, 2021​

Immersion 2:

  • July 30-August 2, 2021

  • Attend Julie Gudmestad's Anatomy Awareness in Asana (anticipated the first week of August)

Immersion 3:

  • October 1-4, 2021

  • 300 Hour Graduation 

Your Tuition Investment 

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ ABYS Level 2 Certification


Your Investment includes:

  • All training hours with Rachel Lundberg, ERYT 500 and staff in Portland, OR (virtually and/or in person)

  • Access to Yoga Foundations: Course One (over 120 videos to assist you in your studies throughout the teacher training- created by Rachel Lundberg)

  • Printed module materials (required texts are not included in your tuition)

  • Ongoing support via a Private Facebook group for members of the teacher training group

  • All of the training requirements you need to meet to receive your RYT 300 from Yoga Alliance.

  • Extensive training in Alignment Based Yoga setting you up to offer safe and sustainable yoga practices to yourself and those you teach with an Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ ABYS Level 2 certification.

  • A free unlimited membership to Yoga OAK (Rachel's virtual yoga studio)-access will be gifted in May for the duration of the training.


Not included in your tuition investment:

  • Any asana classes taken outside of Yoga OAK virtual studio ​

  • Required texts

  • Julie Gudmestad's Yoga Anatomy in Asana Workshop, please register for this workshop at https://gudmestadyoga.com/anatomy_workshop

Total cost of your investment:

  • $6000 total

  • $1000 non-refundable deposit upon being accepted into the program, this $1000 goes toward the total cost of tuition​

  • Monthly payment plans available

Take advantage of these ways to SAVE:


  • Super Early Bird Discount through September 15, 2020

       $777 discount for applying and paying your deposit by September, 15, 2020

  • Early Bird Discount September 16 -November 3, 2020

       $500 discount for applying and paying your deposit by November 3, 2020

  • Payment in Full Discount

       $250 discount for paying your tuition in full by December 1, 2020

  • Lundberg Yoga School Alumni Discount 

       $500 discount for all 200 hour Lundberg Yoga School Graduates (in addition to all other discounts available)



***Because we make all of our arrangements based on your commitment to be in the program, we do not offer refunds after December 15, 2020 (a refund would be any amount paid minus your deposit). We want you to be fully committed to the program just as we are fully committed to you***

You will receive a list of the required texts once you have been accepted into the program. 

Please direct all questions to Rachel by contacting her HERE.  

Once you have submitted your online application you will receive an email confirming we have received it. We will then set up a phone interview to make sure the program is a good fit for you and give your further enrollment details from there.