Healthcare Professional Graduate


"Lundberg yoga teacher training is, without a doubt, an excellent school for learning to be a yoga teacher. Rachel assembled an expert group of passionate guest instructors, who happen to be PTs and RNs among others, so the depth of their knowledge contributed greatly to the quality of the instruction. Furthermore, she gave us an incredible amount of resources(ie. books, reading. class notes, web-links) to draw from for the future for continued learning. I am also a physical therapist, and this experience has benefited my clinical practice significantly through her training. Lundberg Yoga school has my highest recommendation if you want to have a great foundation to be a yoga instructor."

~~Noel Tenoso, PT, DPT, OCS, RYT, graduate 2016

"I highly recommend this program, without hesitation. Alignment-based yoga allows safe, effective teaching of poses for students, taught carefully and deliberately. Sequencing is well-thought out. Rachel is a wonderful teacher with a great depth of knowledge and a passion for teaching yoga! She puts her students first and their learning as a top priority. Rachel is a great communicator! She offers clear instruction at good pace."

~~Anna Vaughn, PT, MSPT, ATC, RYT, Wellness Coach, graduate 2016

"This was an amazing program, very well organized and structured, and had great mentorship and teaching by several yoga instructors and physical therapists. I would highly recommend it to anyone -whether you want to teach or not. You not only learn how to practice and teach yoga and meditation, but it was also a journey of personal growth and development."

~~Maria Matson, PT,  graduate 2016

"Lundberg Yoga teacher training is rigorous, thorough, focused, well organized and run, enlightening, supportive and one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling, and life-changing things I've ever done."

~~Caroline Klug, PTA graduate 2017

"Enriching for body mind and spirit this program challenges allopathic professionals with its detailed attention to alignment While expanding horizons for all students regardless of background. Those familiar with anatomy will enjoy the fresh application of looking at old knowledge in a functional way that is aware but not limited to dysfunction to achieve a healthy and balanced state. This is sure to breathe fresh air in health care professionals mojo seeking to renew enthusiasm in a holistic approach to care of the person as a whole."

~~Dr. Andrea Karl, MD, Physiatrist, graduate 2017

"I researched several teacher training options, and met with potential instructors for other opportunities for my training prior to committing to The Lundberg Program, via Gudmestad Yoga. I am grateful I selected this program to invest in as The Lundberg Program embodies all aspects of what Yoga truly is, while simultaneously preparing me for the business side of bringing yoga, and myself, to the world. It is a holistic, full, authentic and supportive program. It is not to be underestimated in one's commitment, both to self and personal objectives, but also navigating in the yoga community. I left knowing I had a solid foundation rooted in safety, anatomy, physiology - proper alignment, while honoring each individual. My program was an intense investment in myself and I feel well developed, aware and prepared. It was professional, reliable and very solid. I am confident and deeply grateful for having had this training opportunity and recommend it to all whom are seeking."

~~Marseile Amadou, LMT, BSN, RN, CHPN, RYT, graduate 2017

"I cannot imagine a better learning experience. as a healthcare practitioner, this was an invaluable education and will help countless patients as I incorporate the lessons into practice."

"As a physical therapist, I have many patients who ask me about proper body mechanics. Rachel's training gave me the skills to apply my physical therapy background to yoga poses to better aide my patients to make modifications to their practice and reduce their pain. I have used the alignment-based knowledge I gained in this training on a daily basis. Thank you Rachel!

"I felt like I went to the Harvard of yoga schools. Top-notch instructors and content. More importantly, I finished feeling ready to teach and integrate yoga into my daily life"

"Lundberg Yoga is dedicated to teaching comprehensive yoga with an additional in-depth focus on alignment and anatomy. As a medical doctor, this school provided me a balance between anatomy, the therapeutic benefits of yoga in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and philosophy. In addition, the quality of workshops in anatomy and prenatal yoga are top notch!"

"This was a wonderful program. The instruction was clear and done with a multi-pronged approach. The instructor, Rachel, is warm, genuine, and approachable. I was able to immediately apply movement principles into my work as a physical therapist. This program teaches alignment-focused yoga, however did not feel dogmatic or judgmental of other styles. Very glad I chose this training!"