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I offer several online learning options to help you on your yoga journey

  • Yoga Fundamentals: Course One is a 12 week journey where I lead you step by step through the fundamentals of starting and maintaining a safe and sustainable in home yoga practice, click HERE to find out more.

  • 6 Weeks to Calm is a guided online course using science based research to support the process of learning our way to a calm and steady nervous system. We use meditation, yoga, breathing and supportive practices to learn our way to calm. This is a 6 week course offered with group coaching as a way to support the journey. Click HERE to find out more

  • Free Content Sign up to be on my mailing list and receive a free 6 video tutorial on how to assess your own flexibility to help you get started in yoga. Click HERE to find out more.

I cannot wait to assist you in your yogic journey. We all have to start somewhere so why not start it out in a way that will set the foundation for a safe and sustainable practice meeting you where you are at right now in your body. Come and join me in this Alignment Based Community. Start your journey now!