Meet the Online Teachers                 of Yoga OAK 

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  • Meet Rachel

    Rachel brings over 30 years of experience in body movement to her yoga teaching. She is the founder of Yoga OAK and the Lundberg Yoga School.

  • Meet Liisa 

    When Liisa attended her first yoga class she knew she'd gain strength and flexibility - - but in her words, the unexpected gift: "Practicing yoga transformed my worry and stress, into inner calmness."  

  • Meet Julie 

    Julie has always led a very active life, but when a serious knee injury forced her to give up high impact exercise, she turned to yoga to help her heal and build strength.

  • Meet Leasa

    Leasa teaches an accessible alignment style by combining her Western knowledge of medicine with the Eastern traditions of Yoga in hopes that everyBODY can experience the many health benefits

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